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February 2

The Newest DIY Spot: Upstairs Circus

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I’m all about DIY, but sometimes the idea of navigating the craft store to buy paints, yarn and random supplies is somewhat daunting. I can’t tell you how many 1/2 full bottles of paint I have sitting around that will never be used again. However, the reward of creating something on my own is always the best part. I mention this because there is a new venue in Minneapolis called Upstairs Circus that is taking over the DIY world in the best way possible.

Essentially this place combines DIY Workshops with the bar scene. So, you get to build something you love while sipping on the cocktail of your choice. 


How it works: 

1. Reserve a spot in one of their classes. They have sessions almost every day of the week, sometimes 2-3 per day. Each class ranges from $28-$38 per person depending on the time/date.

2. Show up and choose your project. Once you are in, you get to choose the project that best suits your ambition for the evening. These can range from 1-3 hour projects. Some of the things you can make include: jewelry, wallets, wood canvas art, etc. This is something I love because it is completely customizable to each visitor. Before starting your work, you are encouraged to head to the bar to indulge in some “creative juices” as they say. 

3. Conclude your 3 hour session and head home with your masterpiece!

It really is such a unique idea and a great way to get your DIY fix. I would recommend grabbing a group of friends to head out and get creative together. The more the merrier!