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Volunteering In Our Community

July 13

My family and I love getting out into the local community, connecting with people,
and experiencing all the amazing things Minneapolis has to offer. That’s
why it’s so important to us to us to find opportunities to give back when we can. It
can be something like volunteering with a nonprofit, or as simple as gathering the
clothes we don’t need anymore and donating them to charity.


I’m glad to be partnering with COUNTRY Financial because they share my family’s
passion for helping the local community. Their grant program supports lots of local
organizations that are doing amazing work to help families build their financial
health and plan for the future.  Here are four amazing organizations in the Twin Cities:  

HIRED contributes to the Twin Cities economic vitality by:

  • providing training and matching of job seekers with the right skills to employers’ open jobs
  • offering hope and results for the unemployed and underemployed
  • delivering the key component of one-on-one counseling along with skills training, education and in-depth job search support
  • creating customized recruitment and retention services for local employers

Jeremiah Program offers one of the nation’s most successful strategies for transforming families from poverty to prosperity two generations at a time. Jeremiah prepares determined single mothers to excel in the workforce, readies their children to succeed in school, and reduces generational dependence on public assistance.

Five core pillars, supported by personalized coaching, form our holistic, two-generation model.


The Minnesota Council on Economic Education equips Minnesotans with the economic and personal financial understanding needed to succeed in today's complex economy. MCEE accomplishes this mission by teaching teachers, engaging students, and reaching communities.

MCEE recognizes that a strong economic understanding empowers learners to build their human capital and pursue opportunities to gain self-fulfillment. This knowledge enables individuals to think critically about the world around them, act as informed citizens and smart consumers, accomplish career goals, and improve the communities they live in.

To serve the entire state, MCEE works with a Minnesota-wide network of PhD faculty at university-based centers for economic education based in the Twin Cities, Mankato, St. Cloud, Moorhead, and K-12 Master Teachers. MCEE is an affiliate of the national Council for Economic Education (CEE). As a leading state council with over fifty years of service to Minnesota, MCEE is well placed through collaborative partnerships with public and private entities to fulfill our stated mission.

Minnesota Council of Economic Education


Our mission is to provide social and economic prosperity by providing access to opportunities that stabilize and develop families and communities.

Model Cities community based services include:

  • Family Support Services
  • Youth Services Programs
  • Homeownership Services 
  • Financial Literacy 



For more ways to #takesimplesteps in giving back to your community with COUNTRY Financial click here:

Count on COUNTRY Financial is a community grant program for nonprofit organizations in Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Portland.

Grants are awarded to organizations that provide educational opportunities and resources to help single parents and their children achieve financial security. We support our past and current recipients and their efforts aimed to improving their communities’ financial needs.

Since 2008, COUNTRY Financial has awarded more than $2 million to nonprofit organizations with programs that are improving the financial security of families. The goal of this funding is to help break the cycle of poverty by supporting programs that provide financial education for youth and adults. Read about our 2017- 2018 grant recipients below.