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Happy New Year!

January 5
Live and Love MN

This was my 2nd New Year EVER to be staying home on NYE.  I wasn't super excited about it but decided to invite a few neighbors over.

I went to France 44 and ordered a cheese platter (yum).  Called The Corner Balloon and ordered ginormous 2015 balloons and decor.  Went back to France 44 to pick up the ridiculous amounts of alcohol and BOOM... we had a party. A really fun party!

About a year ago my sister made me a photography backdrop.  I have used it a couple of times and loved it.  I decided to get it out for the party, slap some stars on a black backdrop and set my camera up on a tripod.  The results....amazing.  We had so much fun taking a million pictures.  I got a good laugh the next morning (ok, afternoon) when I went through the camera.

Happy New Year Everyone! 

Live and Love MN