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The Lowry -Uptown

February 26

Date Night Tuesday: 

Last Tuesday we went on our date night to The Lowry in Uptown.  We try and go somewhere new but we were in Uptown, shopping at Nadeau for furniture.  We have been here a couple of times before and it has always been good.  I'm so glad this wasn't our first time. 

My food was good, which is the most important thing right?  Maybe not.  It started great.  We were out of the house, alone.  I started sipping on my Fulton Lonely Blonde (standard).  Then a cute couple got seated next to us.  I remember thinking they were cute because I loved her leopard scarf.  

Anyways, they immediately start arguing about her sister, his non-ironed name it.  Their table was so close to us that it was uncomfortable.  It forced me and Brandon to talk a little more, laugh a little louder.  anything to try and not listen to their (hopefully last) dinner conversation.  

When they got up I think the waitress heard us talking about how awful that was.  We are convinced that she thought we were talking about the food because she took out Tuna Appetizer off of our bill and apologized.  SCORE! 

It really is good food and normally a very fun atmosphere.  I am sure it will not keep us from going back!