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February 8

(Pictured Above: Cauliflower and Ham Soup, Goat Cheese Flan, Head Cheese, Scallops)

I am a lucky girl!  Moving to Minneapolis was hands down the best decision we have ever made.  I have had a great birthday week and it still isn't over (Justin Timberlake Sunday).  I know I have mentioned this several times but I can't help it.... The Corner Table is the BEST restaurant in Minneapolis.

We just enjoyed a 6 hour dinner in their kitchen last night.  12 Courses with pairings.  I did my best to log what I was eating but after course 5 I had had a lot to drink and my notes got a little "fuzzy".  Good thing I love taking pictures.  These were all taken with my iphone.  I wonder how amazing they would have looked if I brought my nice Camera.

Pictured: Pork Belly, Gnocchi, Risotto, Duck Breast 

The kitchen table is an amazing experience that will blow your mind!  Not only is the food good but the owners make sure you are wined and dined.  Thomas presents every dish and Nick presents the drinks. It is a great team and I am looking forward to their new restaurant.

There are 2 rules to sitting in the Kitchen.  Wear layers, it gets hot back there.  I have not figured out if it is from the ovens or from all of the alcohol.  Second, you MUST take a cab there (or at least home).  They won't let you leave without one.  For good reason, 12 course pairings!

Pictured: Chef's board, Striploin, Northern Light, Donuts

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Better yet, go there and make some memories of your own.  You will not regret it!

In Their Words :

Corner Table is a restaurant that listens to the fields, farms, pastures, and seasons that surround us. That source of inspiration guides our creativity and our entire menu, which is crafted from foods sourced locally and in season from responsible family farms. This approach is completely sustainable, and it's grounded in our respect for our history, nature's perfection, and our place in the world.

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