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January 30

Fish Taco Torta is heaven on a plate. I love this sandwich!!!  Tilia is one of the few restaurants we go to with the kids. We always go early before we annoy the dinner crowd(Beckham still throws food). 

I love when restaurants have special gimmicks for the kids. Tilia has lunch boxes for every child that are filled with activities and toys. The fun of it is that most boxes contain different items. Ava checks them both out and gives Beckham the one she doesn't want. So much fun!!!

Enough about the kids.  Let's get down to business!!! 

My husband went to Tilia one day, with a co-worker. Apparently he is a regular because everyone knew his name. My husband got a great tip. Are you ready for the inside scoop?!?

Order a Bacon Cheeseburger but substitute for the turkey patty. I had one bite and it was amazing. I however, will stick to my Fish Taco Torta, but I will always sneak a few bites of his.  😃

One more note, the have food late night. It is a perfect stop to make before you head home for the evening. It is always a good time!!!!