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Red Cow

January 15

Turkey Burger

Chicken Sandwich

Early Bird special.... That is what I call dinner with the kids.  I used to think dinner at 4:30 should just be called a late lunch. Now I have 2 kids and it is the only way we can take them out in public. If we take them out closer to 6:00 the little one starts throwing food and causing a scene. It is a disaster. The great thing about 4:30 dinner is that everyone in the restaurant is usually in the same boat as you.... Minneapolis Kids!!!

Red cow

is one of the places we frequent with the family but it is also our late night hang out. It is a popular place to go after work and grab a beer or meet your girlfriends out.  

There is one warning, parking. Parking is a little difficult. When on their website the front page is telling you we are having a snow emergency so you can't park on EVEN sides if the street. Their parking lot is always full because their Turkey Burger is amazing. They have overflow parking at the bakery next door after 6pm.  So plan on walking around the block to park.... I'm telling you, it is worth it!!!! 

Ava coloring a Red Cow...Moo

Red Cow says "Providing a sophisticated twist on the classic neighborhood tavern, Red Cow celebrates finely crafted eats and drinks with a focus on gourmet burgers, craft beers, and fine wine. "

Red Cow

3634 W. 50th St 

Minneapolis mn