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Pizza Lucé

January 12

Our first night out after starting this blog was Pizza Lucé in Hopkins. Let's be honest, it is easy to go there with the family.  We usually have them deliver but since the temps are above freezing we thought we would finally get out of the house.

What is your favorite pizza here?!?  I  always get something different but my husband loves The Bear... Loads if meat!!!  This time around I tried The Blue Dog. It was AMAZING!!!  Arugula, asparagus, onion, blue cheese AND bacon!!!  What goes good with bacon?  More bacon of course!!!

So besides the good pizza my husband LOVED the art. If you don't know him, he is my little cyclist. The art is featured from ART CRANK. 

ARTCRANK stages live events featuring bicycle-inspired posters created by local artists. They began in 2007 with a single show at a bike shop in Minneapolis. Each ARTCRANK show features the work of 30 or more artists who live and work in the host city. Artists create an original poster design about bikes and what cycling means in their lives, and produce a limited edition of signed and numbered copies to show and sell. All posters are made by hand, using printing techniques like screen printing and letterpress. And all posters sell for the same price: $40

You can visit their website at

I'm certain you will hear more about it when they return in 2014. My husband, Brandon, says we are definitely going. Can't wait!!!   

Until next time, Cheers!!