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Let's Take a Staycation: Spring Break in the Twin Cities

March 8

Let’s Take a Staycation

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I know you’re thinking the same thing as me: you would do pretty much anything to be somewhere on a beach with your toes in the water and bum in the sand - yes, I am most definitely quoting Zac Brown Band. Anyways, since that isn’t attainable to everybody, there surely has to be another way to relax without the island breeze in your hair, right? Okay so let’s break this down. There are 3 major things that I look forward to with any vacation: 1. Relaxing 2. Eating 3. Shopping. So, let’s take these things and put an MN spin on it!


One of my favorite ways to unwind is at the nail salon with my feet in a tub of warm water and my mind focused on the trashy tabloid in my hands. There is something so nice about having an hour to think about nothing while getting my feet pretty at the same time. Some of the best places to check out in the city are Spalon Montage, Lena Nails and Nk Spa Nails.

If you feel like going all out, you can stop by a salon for a little extra pampering. Infinity Bodyworks and Massage is a well-known spot for massages, as well as Bryce Jermain Salon for their killer beauty services.

If sweating it out is your thing, the Little Sauna Box as mentioned in a previous blog, is a great option for you. Plus, you can also do this with friends!



I would consider myself a pro at eating. No joke, I am actually salivating thinking about the cookies I am about to inhale after this. Yum. Anyways, we all know vacations are the best time to eat whatever you want without any repercussions, after all that’s what flowy shirts are for, right?

Well, since I am the master at the art of eating, I do have some suggestions on where to go this weekend to take your tastebuds into a tropical state…

  • Island Vibes - Yes, I know that everybody knows about this place, but just in case you haven’t heard, Psycho Suzi’s is a great spot to get your fix of tiki huts and tropical drinks. I also have to throw in Betty Danger’s as a suggestion for their unique atmosphere and fun drink list including the Coachella Cooler - I see what they did there, ha!

  • Mexican cuisine - Let me tell you, the cities are in no shortage of Mexican restaurants to get your grease on. I won’t bore you with reasons to check them out, but here are some of the honorable mentions in the Cities for Mexican cuisine: Salsa a la Salsa, Bar Luchador, and Maya.

  • Acai bowls - These are ALL the rage nowadays. I swear I see a photo of an influencer eating an acai bowl at least once a day. So, if eating one of these gets you closer to your Hawaiian dreams, Whole Sum Kitchen and Truce are great places to give them a try!

  • Irish food - The Local is a cozy place to grab a drink and be transported into a bar straight out of Dublin. They serve great drinks and a warm ambiance that is equally laidback and romantic.


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I can’t be the only one who intentionally leaves extra room in their carry-on for all the souvenirs that I buy on vacay… at least I hope I’m not! Since I won’t be indulging in foreign shopping, I will certainly be making up for it around the Twin Cities. This weekend is actually the Vintage Market, which means it’s time to head over to the Machine Shop on Saturday between 11 am - 5 pm to find some quality vintage pieces. There are so many great boutiques to check out in the Cities including: Prim & Proper, Parc, Cliché, and Urban Violet.

Let’s get to spring break-ing!

So, although you might not be hopping on a flight somewhere warmer for spring break, there is no reason you can’t get the same perks of relaxation with a staycation in the Twin Cities!