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Top 6 Children's Christmas Gifts of 2016

December 31

I feel like the holidays are flying by faster every year.  We traveled to see family for 2 weeks.  I absolutely love seeing everyone, waking up on Christmas morning at my mom & dads home.  There is nothing like it!  Having children truly brings back the magical feeling of Christmas.  

After two weeks of Michigan, I am happy to be home.  I am 10 pounds heavier and was yearning for my own bed!!! My kids still have 1 week before school starts.  You would think that all of the Christmas presents would be keeping them busy....I heard "I am bored" yesterday and my head almost exploded.  I know I am not alone!!   There is only so much time you can spend indoors before anyone goes crazy, no matter how cool your new toys are.   

Here are some of our favorite Kids gifts:

What were some of you kids favorite gifts?