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Art Of Edina

March 2

I am so excited to have partnered with Art of Edina.  They asked me to make a commemorative Live & Love MN Tote Bag.  The bag will be given to all artists who are featured in the art galleries.  

Photo By Jill Emmer @shineonyoucraydiamond

Art of Edina is an initiative aimed at giving rising + established Edina artists a public space to display their art.

How it works:

  • We work with local Edina businesses to use a portion of their wall space in high traffic areas for our galleries.
  • We curate, print and install the art galleries. We use a museum-grade printer and an installer trained in working with fine art.
  • Some of our gallery art sources include: Edina Art Center, upper level photography and art courses at Edina High School, the Edina Community Center, clubs, churches, local professionals and hobbyists.
  • We also scour the hashtag #ArtofEdina on Instagram looking for new talent to feature.
  • Artists are required to sign a release form allowing us to use their art for the gallery
  • Hand-created art such as paintings, drawings, etc. will be reproduced (scanned and printed) for our galleries. We do not display the originals.
  • All art is displayed for 3 months. At the end of that time period, the art is then given to the artist.
  • Every 3 months a new collection of art will be installed
  • All selected Artists will receive a Live Love MN/Art of Edina collaborative tote bag, goodies and an invite to the gallery launch party. 
  • During the time of the display, several artists will also be recognized through our media partner channels. 

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