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5 Ways to Warm up this Weekend

February 22

Well people, it seems like we are being hit with the Polar Vortex round 2. How crazy has this winter been?! Oh well, let’s not let that stop us from getting out this weekend! To help motivate you, I have compiled the 5 best ways to warm up this weekend: 

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 1.47.19 PM.png

1. Brunch it up 

Luckily food is something that the Cities seem to have an abundance of. Honestly, the hardest part is deciding where to go. If you have never been, Salty Tart is one of the trendiest yet most delicious little cafes with locations in both Minneapolis and St. Paul. I highly recommend their coconut macaroon latte. I also recommend Parallel Cafe for their exceptional food and high-grade coffee. It’s a hidden gem over by Target Field with an airy and bright vibe that you need to check out. 

2. Grab some hot cocoa 

Duh. There is no better way to warm your insides than through some chocolatey goodness. Of course this is somewhat similar to brunch, but if you are just looking to sip on delicious cocoa, places to consider visiting are Cafe Latte, Sun Street Breads and Corner Coffee. 

3. Get Moving 

Whether you are a fan of high-intensity fitness or calming exercises, there are plenty of places to get your sweat on this weekend. Cyclebar located in Woodbury is one of the most popular spots for spinning. Their classes are $20 for one ride, which include poppin’ music and uplifting instructors. Pro tip: they offer your first class free, which is great for any of you who want to test it out! 

If you prefer more of a slow-paced burn, Yoga Sol is another place to try. It is a donation-based studio, which is perfect if you are just wanting to try it out without any monthly-commitment. Check out there class schedule here.

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4. Relax at Little Sauna Box 

Talk about warming up! Little Sauna Box is a mobile sauna parked outside of Parallel Cafe (as mentioned in #1). Basically guests can rent the space for 90-minute sessions at $25 total, not to mention it can fit up to 9 people. So, if you don’t have access to a sauna elsewhere or want a more private experience than your local gym, this is a great way to cozy up with some friends!

5. Warm up with some competition

I won’t lie, there comes a point when it’s so cold that I forget there’s even activities to do outside my own house - ha! But, bowling is always a fun way to escape for the night. Some of the best places are Pinstripes, Bryant Lake Park, Brunswick Zone. Similar to bowling, both Whirlyball and Big Thrill Factory offer laser tag and loads of games that are fun for your whole family. 

I hope this inspires you to get out this weekend, or at the very least gave you some new places to add to your food bucket list!