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4 Food Trucks to Keep an Eye on

July 30

Ever feel stuck in a cycle of eating at the same places? Please tell me I’m not the only one who already knows their order before getting to the restaurant (even down to the side of extra ranch!).  

Welp, I’ve decided it’s time to branch out. The Cities are bursting with delicious meals that are yet to be discovered and devoured. So, I have checked out all the best food trucks to stop and grab a bite at.

P.S. Since they are driving around (food ‘truck’), the best way to know their upcoming locations is searching Roaming Hunger.


1. Electric Noodle 

This is a prime example of unique food trucks taking over the lunch scene. Their schtick is mazemen style ramen noodle bowls – aka brothless bowls full of delicious meat and powerful flavor. They also offer mantou sandwiches for those of you who love a little carb in your lunch break. Whatever you get, this sounds like the perfect rainy day pick me up!

Follow them on Facebook for updates!  

Photo via Z’s Smokin Bonez Facebook

Photo via Z’s Smokin Bonez Facebook

2. Z’s Smokin Bonez

Pulled Pork Sammy’s, Whole Hog Hoagies and Big Pig Wraps?! I’ll be there. With the award for ‘Best Local Southern Bites’ under their belt, this place does not disappoint. I mean the Whole Hog Hoagie with smoked brisket, gouda mac, pulled pork and house slaw wrapped up in a garlic herb wrap… how can you not salivate?! This is definitely the move for anyone who loves a good southern comfort meal.

You can find an updated calendar on their website of where they’ll be.

3. Tiki Tim’s

Let’s talk-o ‘bout tacos. If crispy shells, fried fish and marinated beef short ribs peak your interest, this is the place for you. Personally, I think the Cuban Pork Taco-Dillas are calling my name. There is really nothing better than a hybrid of all your favorite foods in one. Pair it with the Macaroni Salad and dang – that’s a lethal combo.

 Twitter the best way to see their weekly schedules.

Photo via Reverie Instagram

Photo via Reverie Instagram

 4. Reverie

‘Plant Based, Big Taste” is right. I bet you wouldn’t even know that these powerful flavors are coming from plant-based ingredients. Some of their front-runners are the Biscuits + Gravy and Sausage Biscuit Sandwich, but honestly no matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong!

 Check out their Facebook for updated locations!

Love any other spots?! Leave a comment below to let me know!