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17 Delicious Things To Eat In Minneapolis

January 1

There are 2 main factors that brought us to Minneapolis.  The Chain of Lakes and the Restaurants!!! We have lived here for over 4 years and we STILL have not been to every Minneapolis Restaurant, not even close.  When my friends ask what I have been up to lately I answer with what restaurants I visited that week.  I am literally eating my way through the city.  

Here are 20 of my favorite things to eat in Minneapolis

1.) Rice Rice Baby,  The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole, Minneapolis MN

2.) Fish Taco Torta from Tilia

Tilia Minneapolis MN

3.) Avocado Toast, Rose Street Patisserie

 Photo By Brenda Johnson / Heavy Table

Photo By Brenda Johnson / Heavy Table

4.) ANY Donut From Glam Doll Donuts

 Photo by

Photo by

5.)Sushi Burritos, SotaRol

 Image from

Image from

6.)Korean BBQ Rice Bowl, World Street Kitchen

 Instagram Photo by  kommanator

Instagram Photo by kommanator

7.)Lobster Roll, Smack Shack

 Photo via Smack Shak Instagram 

Photo via Smack Shak Instagram 

8.)Deconstructed Sushi Salad, Agra Culture

 Instagram Photo By  @erinjbgood

Instagram Photo By @erinjbgood

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9.)Eggs Benedict, The Zumbro

Where to eat in the Twin Cities-

11.)The Red Wagon Pizza, Red Wagon

12.)Soft Egg & Lobster Bruschetta, Bar La Grassa

13.)Sea Bass, Cafe Lurcat

14.)Hog Frites, Surly Brewing Co. 

 Instagram Photo by  livinlikeallie

Instagram Photo by livinlikeallie

15.)Bacon Burger, Revival

 Instagram Photo by @revival 

Instagram Photo by @revival 

16.) 112 Steak Tartare, 112 Eatery

 Instagram photo by #112eatery

Instagram photo by #112eatery

17.) Battered Green Beans, George The Dragon

 Instagram Photo by  vkowlessar

Instagram Photo by vkowlessar