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May 4

I had HUGE expectations for this new restaurant.  Being The Corner Tables little brother, I knew it would be amazing!   the opening of this restaurant was all we could think about. We would drive by with the kids and just keep going.  The line was out the door (my 3 year old can't handle that).  Another time we went and the line was out the door.  WE had a high school babysitter and i small window to eat.  (We went to Corner Table instead).  Third times a charm!!!  We had a late night sitter, no kids and all the time in the world.  I even wore my elastic waisted pants (I was prepared).

The Mac & Cheese was THE best I have ever had!!!!  Seriously, lick the bowl clean good.  I had a hard time sharing it with my husband.  Next time I will just get my own (maybe a double order).  The burger was my husbands favorite.  The waiter suggested we add bacon to it....good idea!!!  My husband was making inappropriate moaning noises as he ate:) It was fantastic.   

Did I mention they have fried chicken?  It is not to be forgotten.  Everything is out of this world!  I am not surprised at all.  Thomas and Nick are the best!